Adding Gmail to Outlook helps you batch manipulate thousands of mails that the web version of Gmail cannot vị so quickly. Besides, many of you are used lớn Outlook before, but at the new company, we use Gmail, we can still open Gmail with Outlook to lớn use. Please follow the simple instructions below khổng lồ add Gmail lớn Outlook.

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Effect of add Gmail to Outlook


Help you process thousands of emails quickly by syncing Gmail messages to Outlook on your computer.You can vì chưng a lot of batch operations quickly without waiting to load like on Gmail.More specialized tools than Gmail.Standard office style editor, insert as many formats as Word.Incoming mail notification as a sản phẩm điện thoại application.Don’t worry about missing mail.Opening different Gmail accounts in the same Outlook ứng dụng saves you the time-consuming task of switching accounts lượt thích on Gmail.


Outlook’s mail sorting isn’t smart yet. Outlook does not group messages with the same subject inkhổng lồ one place for viewing but displays them as separate messages. Maybe in the future, Outlook will update better.

Video tutorial lớn add Gmail to Outlook easily

Steps to add Gmail lớn Outlook

To add Gmail to lớn Outlook as quickly as possible, open your browser and log in lớn Gmail first.Then you open Outlook and follow these steps.

Step 1:Go khổng lồ Preferences > Account to lớn see a list of existing Gmail accounts và add a new Gmail account.

If you are using Outlook for the first time, Outlook will display a new account login panel so that you can skip this step.

Allow Outlook permissions


Currently, Outlook năm 2016 và 2019 versions have much more improved for opening Gmail with Outlook. You should not use Outlook versions that are too old, lượt thích 2010, very outdated. Rethành viên lớn open the browser and log in lớn Gmail first, và the following steps will be faster.

Have sầu you opened Gmail with Outlook yet?Leave sầu a phản hồi below the article to let me know!

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